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Photo of the author Faith Elicia holding her doll

Faith Elicia

Do You See What I See? follows my journey of recovery from my eating disorder. It's been quite a ride, too. There have been sharp turns, dark tunnels, highs, lows, and backward movements, but most importantly, there have been opportunities for growth and change.


It is my hope that sharing my truth inspires you to do the same and climb aboard the recovery ride with me. I promise there's enough room for everyone who wants to join me.

My eating disorder doesn't define me. I live a full life with a lot to be grateful for. I have three kids, have been married for over 26 years, manage my husband's medical practice—a totally different occupation than I was trained for, have a Master's in Education with a specialization in Learning Disabilities, and am a published romance author. Oh là là! You can check out my romance titles at:​

I love to connect with my readers! Reach out via the Contact page or follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest is a favorite of mine—awesome recipes, inspirational quotes, humor. It's a treasure chest of goodies.

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