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Do You See What I See?

Faith Elicia

Do You See What I See? is for anybody seeking recovery at any stage in their eating disorder (ED).


Through art and journal entries, readers will gain insight into their relationship with ED, along with an array of useful strategies for positive change and a richer understanding of their needs. 

This interactive workbook is an invaluable resource presented in a "we" format since we are on this journey together. Most of all, it provides tools to learn how to LIVE again!

Could You Use Healthier Coping Tools?

What Are Your Needs?
Are Your Needs Getting Met?
Do You Feel Others Can't Relate?
Do You Believe You Deserve Recovery?

image of Stephanie Klein
Stephanie Klein,

Do You See What I See is a brave, honest, and genuine exploration into what it takes to heal from an eating disorder. Faith does an amazing job of sharing her experience and journey through eating disorder recovery. Her vulnerability is empowering and refreshing. This book gives the reader the opportunity to dig deep into their own disordered thoughts through journaling. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever struggled with mental illness or an eating disorder. 

picture of Benaaz Russell
Benaaz Russell,

Do You See What I See offers concrete strategies and thought-provoking reflections that can be used at any point during the journey of healing from an eating disorder. Faith candidly lays out what has worked for her and invites the reader to walk with her in this interactive and approachable workbook filled with humor, heartache, courage, struggle, and grit.

I Am Enough
I Have Enough
I Do Enough

Faith Elicia-Do You See What I See (9).png

You Are Enough
You Have Enough
And You Do Enough, too!

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